KarriereStart 2025

The fair for education, jobs and startups in Saxony

The KarriereStart - "The fair for education, job and founding in Saxony" - will be held from 24 to 26 January 2025 under the motto of “Shaping your own future”. The 2024 fair was a huge success; 563 exhibitors showcased themselves to the 36,100 visitors in the fully booked, 20,000-sq-m fair exhibition centre. The fair’s popularity among exhibiting companies and institutions, along with the great reception from visitors, attests to the quality and success of this major careers fair at the attractive economic and scientific hub Dresden.

KarriereStart pools the various aspects of the job market under one roof. As one of the best known events of its kind for career-related matters, the three-day fair presents prospects for professional careers, offering school students, students, trainees, new graduates, pros, career-changers and people re-entering the job market a wide range of opportunities to engage in conversation, submit applications and plan any stage of their education, studies or career. The close co-operation with strong, competent partners ensures relevance and high-quality educational and job-market components.

Visit the KarriereStart – The fair for education, job and founding in Saxony.


  • Career focuses/Training
    Exhibitors present practical educational services, career profiles and training requirements. They also highlight ways to achieve personal career goals – from the dual training system, to full-time school-based training, to measures providing qualifications for training or tertiary study, such as volunteer work, internships and completing schooling as a mature-age student.

    • Public and private education institutions, project sponsors
    • Training companies, guilds, industry associations

  • Tertiary study
    Specific orientation and assistance with choosing courses encourages future tertiary students to make targeted decisions. Exhibitors from vocational academies, technical colleges and universities offer advice on the fields of study, course content, degrees, admission requirements and financing options available at their institution.

  • International education/Studying abroad
    Gaining experience studying and working abroad encourages intercultural skills and increases prospects on the education and job market. Providers of internships, au-pairing services and jobs, organisers of language and study tours, and exhibitors from European schools, academies and universities offer information on the opportunities and requirements for study and language trips, as well as international internships, jobs and projects.

  • Continued education/Lifelong learning
    Additional qualifications and continued education boost employability and innovative skills, improve prospects of promotion, and encourage new career focuses. Exhibitors from continued-education institutions/academies, as well as coaches and organisers of seminars, courses and training sessions present their training services – ranging from language courses to extension courses to state-accredited vocational qualifications – to business-owners, employers, employees and interested visitors.

  • Business ownership/Self-employment
    From the idea of starting a business, to actually starting a business, to establishing the business on the market, there are a whole host of factors that need to be taken into account. Exhibitors advise would-be business-owners, startup-owners and young entrepreneurs on everything from the initial business idea to the business plan, to financing and funding. They also offer consulting in the fields of HR development, marketing, sales, law, tax and company transfers. Young entrepreneurs pass on their own experience, tips and hints, and are available to speak with visitors interested in starting a business.

    • Startup initiatives and advisors, startups, young entrepreneurs
    • Business networks and associations, finance experts
    • Credit institutions, banks, holding companies, financiers
    • Franchise system providers
    • Business, legal, tax and HR advisors
    • Advertising and marketing agencies

  • Specialists/Jobs/Staff
    Qualified staff are among a company’s most important success factors. Employers provide information on current job vacancies and the requirements and opportunities for direct entry, career changes or re-entering the job market, and recruit qualified workers. They offer insights into professional life, e.g. through opportunities for trainees, interns, placement students, as well as assigning and supervising topics for Bachelor, Master’s, “Diplom” and PhD dissertation topics.
    Recruiters/employment-service providers present flexible HR and project management instruments, and advise employers, employees and interested visitors on their job offers and services.

Opening hours

24 – 26 January 2025
Friday/Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm

Target groups (visitors)

  • Abitur students/ secondary school students and their families
  • Retrainees and interested parties in further education
  • Students and graduates
  • Employees and specialists
  • Personnel managers and managerial staff
  • Business start-up people and young entrepreneurs
  • Employers and businessmen

How to get there

Messering 6
01067 Dresden

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How to get there